Multiple Paths: Towards a performance practice in Computer Music DVD


1. Multiple Paths 8 (omaggio a Nono) – Juan Parra Cancino       12:49
2. Ricercare a 6 – J.S. Bach                                                                         07:18
3. Critical Band – James Tenney                                                              18:10

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Juan Parra with Ensemble Modelo62

Multiple Paths engages with two principal issues: the search for an historical and aesthetic context and the extraction of musical elements form musical sources in order to feed them back into new compositions. Encounters with the sound worlds of three composers (Bach, Tenney and Nono) from different time and with different aesthetics gave Juan Parra a starting point from which to explore his own musical paths on this CD, selecting elements that resonated closely with his own questions about instrumental identity and practices and also challenging the borders of traditional interpretation and composition by going beyond the specificity of the materials, performers, and time of their own creations.