"Modelo62... is an ensemble that makes you happy. [They are] young talented musicians from all over the world, who, in their unconventional setting, adventurously tackle the multiplicity of contemporary music." Joep Stapel, NRC Handelsblad, 2 November 2015

"...when it comes to playing, this group certainly knows their business." Frits van der Waa, Volkskrant, 7 October 2015

Dag in de Branding

On Saturday March 5, at 15:00 in Korzo Theater in The Hague, Ensemble Modelo62 presents an exciting program that mixes visual and musical elements. This program includes two pieces by Emre Kelali, who has been guest composer for the last two years. Modelo62 will play 'Five Love Songs' written by Emre for the ensemble after exhaustive workshops together, and 'Il Voto della Innocenza' with the addition of visual elements under the hand of Yolanda Uriz Elizalde. Modelo62 will also perform Graphein by Raphael Cendo, and Esplorazione del Bianco by Salvatore Sciarrino.

Join Us to Find New Ways of Seeing

After a great success in Korzo this last December, Ensemble Modelo62 will present Ways of Seeing in Theatre De Nieuwe Regentes in The Hague on February 7th at 17:00, during the Sounds of Silence Festival. Ways of Seeing is a program of four works by different composers where sight, next to listening, plays a substantial role not only for the audience, but also for the musicians, who at one point even play blindfolded on a darkened stage. Before the concert, at 16:00, our trumpet player and music composition PhD Justin Christensen, along with UvA Media Studies Professor Patricia Pisters, will present lectures on The Synesthesia of Sound and the Moving Image.

RFI Promotion of the Arts Prize!

Radio France International and Radio Cultura Buenos Aires have just given the Promotion of the Arts Prize 2014/15 to 'El Limonero Real', the opera written by our dear artistic director Ezequiel Menalled and performed by Ensemble Modelo62 in Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires, last July. Here is the trailer of this amazing co-production we were privileged to take part in:

El limonero real / Trailer from Maricel Alvarez.

Congratulations Young Composers!

Modelo62, as category 3 for the Gaudeamus Award 2016, will work with James O'Callaghan and Anthony Vine.

For more information on the selected works, follow this link:

Modelo62 releases the new CD!

We will soon have a way to purchase hard-copy CD's on the website, but if you would prefer to buy online, Modelo62's new CD has just been released on iTunes and CD Baby.

Gaudeamus Muziekweek concert at RASA

On Friday September 11, at 21:15 in Theater RASA in Utrecht, Ensemble Modelo62 will present a concert during the Gaudeamus Muziekweek. It's an exciting program that mixes musical, visual and theatrical elements and is build on the close relationship the ensemble has with the festival, especially to the 2013 edition. That year, Modelo62 premeried 'Il voto della innocenza' by Emre Sihan Kaleli. Based on the success of this artistic collaboration with Emre, the ensemble was given the Nieuwe Makers grant by Fonds Podiumkunsten in order to work together with him on a two-year long project. RASA, on the evening of the 11th, will be the stage for the first outcome of this project: Modelo62 will play 'Five Love Songs', a brand new work by Emre written for the ensemble after exhaustive workshops together. Furthermore, they will also play 'Il Voto della Innocenza' with the addition of visual elements under the hand of Yolanda Uriz Elizalde.

Next to this, the ensemble will present a new work by Tobias Klich, who was given the Gaudeamus Award also in 2013. Finally, Modelo62 will give the Dutch premiere of Graphein, by jury member Raphael Cendo. A new season starts with full power, we sincerely hope to see you there and share this evening with you all!

El Limonero Real

We are all very excited to be part of bringing this new work of our esteemed colleague/composer/conductor to life. Ensemble Modelo62 returns to Buenos Aires to perform the newly written Chamber Opera The Royal Lemon Tree at the prestigious Teatro Colón, written by Juan José Saer and with music by Ezequiel Menalled.

Opera of Ezequiel Menalled (music) and Fernando Regueira (libretto) based on the novel of Juan José Saer.

Scene direction de Maricel Álvarez
Esteban Manzano tenor, Alejandro Spies baritone. Virginia Correa Dupuy mezzosoprano, Luca Zubieta, Virginia Majorel soprano, Juan Francisco Ramírez tenor, Tomás Catania

Julieta Potenze set design, Agnese Lozupone lighting, Belén Parra costume design, Leandro Ibarra art direction, Natalia Labaké video, Nicolás Dardano audiovisual postproduction, Nora Lezano photography, Fernando Taverna sound, Diego Ruiz preparador musical

Ezequiel Steinman assistant director, Lucila Michan assistant producer, Juan Andrés Cárcamo technical direction

Nadia Estebanez, general production

Ensemble Modelo62 joins Stepancic Gidron Duo

We are happy to invite you to the 11th concert curated together by Teodora Stepančić and Assaf Gidron, at the home for experimental and improvised music in Buenos Aires, Una Casa. This concert features Modelo62 guitarist Elliot Simpson.
We will play some open works, some text scores, some improvisations, and some notated compositions. Some of it might be quiet, none of it will be loud.
Clarence Barlow: Until - Version 7 for guitar (1980)
Assaf Gidron: new piece for ensemble (2015)
Michael Pisaro: harmony series (2004-2006)
Larry Polansky: 34 chords: Christian Wolff in Hanover and Royalton (1995)
Teodora Stepančić: for two or three groups (2015)
Stepančić.Gidron - improvisation


Ensemble Modelo62 and the composers/performers collective Monoták of Amsterdam join forces to explore new possibilities for collaboration including genre-crossing experiments within the field of contemporary music. On the 7th of May at Loos in Den Haag and on the 8th of May at Splendor in Amsterdam of May, we present the outcomes of this auspicious partnership: a cutting-edge program with fresh new compositions, performances and improvisations. Come to #meetingpoint[s) and join us on this exciting journey into unknown territory! With works by Dirk Bruinsma, Justin Christensen, Eric de Clercq, Teodora Stepančić, Henry Vega, Bart de Vrees and more....

in collaboration with

Sonology Discussion Concert

Members of Modelo62 perform on the Sonology discussion concert at 7:30pm on February 2 in the Arnold Schoenbergzaal at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague. This includes Teodora Stepančić performing the premiere of a recent composition by Gottfried Michael Koenig, while Elliot Simpson performs the world premiere of Forward for National Resophonic Just Intonation Guitar and electronics by Ezequiel Menalled.

Concentric Rings in Magnetic Levitation

Members of Modelo62 will perform the Dutch premiere of Micahel Pisaro's Concentric Rings In Concentric Levitation at Studio Loos, Den Haag. Concentric Rings is an hour long composition written in 2011 for three performers playing piano, sine waves, percussion, electronics, various objects and tape loops, designed as a series of interlocking 'rings'. It is a paced and expansive journey into audible texture and memory that creates unusually deep perspectives of listening. There will also be works by Alvin Lucier and Jurg Frey, as well as a new piece by our very own Teodora Stepančić. The performance takes place on Thursday the 4th of February in Studio Loos in The Hague.

Warm up your freezing cold hearts by joining us for Love Song

The chirping of cicadas that might just seem to be a noisy mating call, can better be heard as a love song that sounds tirelessly from the orchards and thirsty grass fields on hot days and sultry nights. Mexican composer Carlos Iturralde used these natural sounds in 'Love Song' that he wrote for ensemble Modelo62 from The Hague. Iturralde combines recordings of cicadas with electronic sounds and richly sounding harmonic progressions. Along with this piece, we include works by Fausto Romitelli, James Tenney, and Clarence Barlow. Join us in The Hague or Amsterdam!

(De)Composing Immersion

Please join us when we perform works from Miguelangel Clerc's Doctoral degree on November 24th at Korzo Theater. These works, as well as being artistic music compositions in themselves, also have been opportunities for Miguelangel Clerc to explore ideas of immersion. For Clerc, Immersion is presented as a key term to interconnect diverse aspects of musical practice and music listening with their various phenomenological and ontological implications. He suggests that Immersion through music is proposed as a transitional experience that exposes and interrelates multiple layers of reality, questioning critically the tendency to think immersion as an experience within a particular or self-contained space (in music, in a book, in a virtual environment, in thoughts, in water, in a music hall, etc.). So, get ready to question your reality and enjoy some exceptional music.

Modelo62 heading towards a Performance Practice in Computer Music

Modelo62 will perform works from Juan Parra Cancino's Doctoral Degree on Sunday 30th November in the Koninklijk Conservatorium. These works, as well as being artistic music compositions in themselves, have been opportunities for Juan Parra to explore the methods of reconstruction, reinterpretation and re-appropriation, as well as being developed on the basis of concepts such as mapping, sonification, historical contextualisation and spatialisation.

Mexico Kicks Off

Please join us for our Kick-off Concert in The Hague before we set off on yet another adventure.
Ensemble Modelo62 is honoured to have been selected by the Mexican Ministry of Culture (CONACULTA) to present six concerts in Mexico this May 2014. We are very happy to invite you to celebrate with us the start of this tour with a concert in the Theater de Nieuwe Regentes in The Hague on May 7th. We will present part of the program we are taking with us to Mexico.

Thank you all for your support in making our recording possible. We have just completed a couple of wonderfully intense days in the recording studio, and are very much looking forward to seeing the final product. Stay tuned for the release some time this Autumn!


We're getting ready for our first self-produced CD recording next month, with great pieces by Argentinean and Dutch composers that we performed on our Argentina Tour. Will you support us through this campaign to raise enough funds for it? Please take a minute to look at it, book your CD, and help us share it!

Modelo62 is being graciously supported by the Mexican Ministry of Culture (FONCA), to travel and tour in Mexico during May 2014!

Modelo62 revisits home town of The Hague with concert at Korzo

Modelo62 reconstructs Soundeconstruction

Modelo62 Residency at ORCiM Research Festival

Ensemble Modelo62 is an invited guest during the 2013 edition of the ORCiM's showcase festival for music, research and ideas concentrating on Artistic Experimentation in Music.

Modelo plays Stepancic at the Nutshuis Sept 27th

Ensemble Modelo62 will perform #3 for Modelo62 - The Cello, a work in progress by Teodora Stepancic at Het Nutshuis during the Hoogtij. (the full piece will be premiered at Korzo Theater on the 13th of November).

#3 for Modelo62 - The Cello is the third composition written especially for Ensemble Modelo62. It is the continuation of her cycle of pieces for Ensemble Modelo62, theatrical pieces for ensemble with one instrument in the center as a type of soloist or just as an object.

Teodora is a composer and the pianist of Modelo62, also collaborating with various other ensembles in the Netherlands and abroad performing in Europe, Middle East and South America.

Our 2013/2014 Season kicks off with Gaudeamus concert September 3

We are eager to kick off our 2013/2014 season with a concert on September 3rd as part of the Festival Gaudeamus Musicweek. We look forward to performing the jury-selected works of the Turkish composer Emre Kaleli and Canadian composer Taylor Brook. With these works, we also give our Dutch audience a chance to hear two of the pieces that were a big part of our very successful Argentinian tour, by Argentinian composers Ezequiel Menalled and Gonzalo Gimenez. To top it off, we will perform a work by the accomplished composer Braxton Sherouse. Get your tickets here.

This fall we also have a number of other great activities and performances lined up. In collaboration with the Orpheus Instituut, we have a 1 week residency in Belgium in October during the ORCIM festival. We then reprise our sought-after concert "Soundeconstruction" by Hugo Morales, have an exciting program prepared for Korzo in November, and start recording our first album. Not bad!

Argentina Tour 2013!

We are very excited to announce our upcoming tour in Argentina in spring 2013!!
For all of the information and updates please click here.
Ensemble Modelo62, conDIT/cheLA and Gaudeamus will collaborate and combine forces on a promising upcoming project, which, in addition to presenting four concerts in Argentina, will also consist of workshops for local young composers, and a composition contest where we perform the winner's piece during the Gaudeamus Festival. Subsequently, Modelo62 becomes the initiator of a cultural bridge between Argentina and The Netherlands, contributing to the development of contemporary and experimental music. On this tour we will perform works by Gilius van Bergeijk, Martijn Padding, Janco Verduin, Diderik Wagenaar, Claudio Baroni, Gonzalo Gimenez, Ezequiel Menalled, Gabriel Paiuk, Cecillia Pereyra, Santiago Santero.

Concurso Argentino de Composición conDiT.Gaudeamus.Modelo62

Composition Contest Argentina .Gaudeamus.Modelo62

The concert platform conDIT, based in the Centre for Culture, Technology and Community cheLA, anounces the first edition of the Argentinean Competition of Music Composition conDIt-Gaudeamus-Modelo62. There will be 3 to 5 finalists chosen to be read/workshopped during the conDIT tour of Ensemble Modelo62 some time in April or May. Following this, the winning piece will be announced, and will have an official premiere by Modelo62 during the Gaudeamus Music Week 2013 in Utrecht (The Netherlands). This call for scores is exclusive to composers that are native or resident in Argentina for at least two years, and are under 30 years of age (born after 14 April, 1983). Each participant must presnt one (1) work with a duration of not longer than 12 minutes, which should contain at least six (6) instruments from the complete ensemble line-up: Fl [doubling picc.], Bb cl [doubling Bass Cl.], tpt in C , gtr [clas/elec], pno, perc[1],vln,vlc, cb. Deadline for the reception of scores is the 14th of April 2013. For more information and the application form, please visit: conDit


La plataforma de conciertos conDIT con base en el Centro de Cultura, Tecnología y Comunidad cheLA, anuncia la primera edición del Concurso Argentino de Composición Musical conDIT.Gaudeamus.Modelo62 Se elegirán entre 3 a 5 obras finalistas las cuales podrán ser escuchadas dentro de las actividades que el ensamble modelo62 realizará en conDiT durante el mes de abril y mayo. En esa ocasión, se anunciará la obra ganadora, la cual será estrenada en los conciertos de modelo62 durante la edición 2013 de la Semana de la Música Gaudeamus con sede en Utrecht (Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2013).

La convocatoria es exclusivamente para compositores nativos o extranjeros con al menos dos (2) años de residencia en la República Argentina, con un límite de edad de hasta 30 años (nacidos después del 14 de abril de 1983).

Cada participante debe presentar una (1) obra de duración no superior a los doce (12) minutos, y que contenga al menos seis (6) de los siguientes instrumentos:

• flauta (y/o piccolo)
• clarinete en Sib (y/o Clarinete Bajo)
• trompeta en Do
• guitarra (clásica o eléctrica)
• piano
• percusión (1 ejecutante, orgánico a consultar)
• violín
• cello
• contrabajo

La fecha límite para participar es el día 14 de abril de 2013 a las 24. hs (GMT -3)

Jurados : Gabriel Valverde, Juan Carlos Tolosa y Justin Christensen.


The Hague based Ensemble Modelo62 brings you experimental classical music with the intensity of a rock band. This international group, consisting of 10 musicians collaborates with young composers on a cutting-edge new repertoire. Representing a young new generation of musicians, Ensemble Modelo62 brings new contemporary music with a personal approach.

Established in 2003, the group has performed at festivals like November Music, New Works festival Southampton and Darmstadt Festival für Neue Music. After these concerts and tours in the UK, Germany and Norway the ensemble looks forward to making a tour through Argentina, home country of conductor and artistic director Ezequiel Menalled.

Soundeconstruction Hugo Morales Murguía

March/April 2012

"Mechanical Tension"

Guest composer-in-residence for the upcoming period is Hugo Morales Murguía from Mexico. Currently Modelo62 and Morales are working together on the program Soundeconstruction that includes 3 new compositions by Morales. As well, Modelo62 is further privileged to be presenting a new work by the eminent Dutch composer Gilius Van Bergeijk and key works from Alvin Lucier and John Cage.

The work of Morales (1979, Mexico) is based on the unconventional use of traditional instruments and the use of daily objects as sources of sound. Each composition is a story of discovery, a 'new' instrument emerging out of an existing one. His work is surprising, playful and poetic, often with a strong visual component. Composers that have inspired Morales round out the program. In John Cage's Branches you will hear amplified cactus needles and sounds of rubbed branches. In Music for snare drum, Lucier creates a counterpoint between sine waves and the resonances caused inside the instrument. And, as Morales' former teacher, Gilius Van Bergeijk's music will show the influences that have been a constant stimulus in Morales' music.

"tonewood" by H.Morales

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Tue 12 Jul 2016, 19:30 Klarenz Barlow BAR70W

at the Alte Feuerwache in Köln