Claudio Baroni : Motum


Motum by Claudio Baroni



Motum by Claudio Baroni

Unsounds 2018

“Motum” means motion, and this is a central theme in the 3 pieces by composer Claudio F Baroni on this album. The concept is central to Baroni’s work, and is explored musically and formally in his layered, dynamic, sophisticated style. The breathtaking pieces take the listener on a meandering path, starting from the origin of sound.


  1. Perpetuo Motum
  2. Solo VIII – AIR
  3. In CirCles II


“Inside each sound, I become aware of multitudes of processes, of emerging micro-voices. How many voices? How many bodies? How many sounds?. Listening to Claudio Baroni’s music makes me unsure how to tell: but from within the sound, I do hear countless bodies and voices sing.”

— Samuel Vriezen, Amsterdam 2018.