Immerse yourself in the unusual sound-world of Modelo62: The eclectic mix of musical tastes and colors take you on a trip into your imagination. During this concert you can also play along: one of the pieces is written for ensemble and audience! So bring your instrument or just come and listen to these specialists in experimental music.

Tesla’s plasma globe, navigation and quiet, contemplative sounds are the inspiration for the music of this program. Works by van Bergeijk, Beuger, Borzelli and Oorebeek.

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19th, 20:30 Korzo, The Hague. Tickets

20th, 20:30 Splendor, Amsterdam. Tickets

21st, 20:00 Gallery Untitled, Rotterdam. Tickets

22nd, 16:30 Kunstruimte Kuub, Utrecht. Tickets



Laat je onderdompelen in de ongewone klankwereld van Modelo62. De eclectische mix van muzikale smaken en kleuren nemen je mee op een trip in je verbeelding. Tijdens de Intercity Sessions concerten kun je niet alleen luisteren naar muziek, je kunt zelf ook meedoen! Laat je oren opfrissen door het enthousiasme en de energie van deze specialisten in experimentele hedendaagse muziek.

Tesla’s plasmalamp, poolcoördinaten en rustgevende geluiden vormen de inspiratie voor de muziek van dit programma. Werken door van Bergeijk, Beuger, Borzelli en Oorebeek.


PROGRAM – two world premières!

Residu I (2020)*
Floris van Bergeijk

Lieux de Passage (2007)
Antoine Beuger
with audience participation

POLAR b (2019)
Silvia Borzelli

Neon Study #1 (2020)*
~ripple lights~
Christina Viola Oorebeek

*world première

PLAY WITH US and get two discount tickets!

Do you play an instrument and can read notes? We are looking for audience members that want to join us in one of the pieces in the concert: ‘Lieux de Passage’, a beautiful work by Antoine Beuger for clarinet and ensemble. Our role, with yourself included, will be to play the accompanying part. The score is super easy to follow, join us! Send an email to info@modelo62.com to sign up and to get the score, and get a discount ticket for yourself and one extra guest!

SPEEL MEE en krijg twee kortingskaartjes!

Speel je een instrument en kun je noten lezen? We zoeken concertbezoekers die een stuk met ons mee willen spelen: Het prachtige ‘Lieux de Passage’ van Antoine Beuger voor klarinet en ensemble. Het begeleidende ensemble kan niet groot genoeg zijn, dus je bent van harte welkom! De partituur is heel makkelijk te volgen voor spelers van alle niveau’s. Stuur een email naar info@modelo62.com om je op te geven. Dan krijg je de bladmuziek en een kortingskaart voor jezelf en een extra gast.


About the program:


Residu I (2020)
Floris van Bergeijk


In “Residu I” we hear an outcome of a process which, for now, remains hidden and unknown.

“Residu I”  might be a reflection of a yet to be discovered reality. As part of larger work it is the first part where we are presented with a result. All that has happened before, we don’t know. We are witnessing a last part, a coda, a conclusion of something that was once probably something else. The only thing we know is that somewhere along the way we lost something. Maybe a piano.

The idea for “Residu I” was conceived as a challenge, to pose the composer with a fait accompli, to reverse the process of causality – to come up with the conclusion first and figure out the problems later.

Now comes the hard part: finding out where all this came from and what its origins are.

“The idea says everything. The idea dictates everything that follows – you just stay true to the idea.”

“Results, I just want the results!”


Lieux de Passage (2007)
Antoine Beuger


Dutch composer, flautist and music publisher, Antoine Beuger is a founder of the Wandelweiser collective, whose music is characterized by sparse, quiet, fragile soundscapes incorporating frequent silences. “Lieux de Passage” (which translates as Places of Passage), could be likened to a slow-burning log, in that it radiates warmth and transforms so slowly that it’s hard to catch its processes at work. It was written very much with his fellow Wandelweiser composer and clarinetist Jürg Frey in mind. The piece provides the clarinet with an almost completely notated structure. Exact note lengths are the only thing not really defined, but pitches and attack are given. The score offers the remaining members of the ensemble freedom of when to play, asking pitch based musicians to pick out elements of the clarinet playing to determine what notes they play, and offering non-pitch based musicians free selection. So the work is a wonderfully sorrowful, yearningly romantic work for clarinet that is coloured in a soft and subtle manner by the group behind.



POLAR b (2019)
Silvia Borzelli

POLAR b is especially written for Ensemble Modelo62, and it’s an adaptation / arrangement for 6 instruments (Bass Clarinet, Trumpet, Cello, Doublebass, Percussion and Digital Organ) of POLAR, a piece for 5 instruments composed in 2017.

Polar coordinates are used often in navigation as the destination or direction of travel; they can be given as an angle and distance from the object being considered.

In the piece, the instruments function as polar coordinates but tending and searching for weight and gravity.
Each instrument builds its relation and distance with the others, in a transparent synthesis of timbres, within a gradual polarization of the harmonic field.

The result is a net of fixed points with their attack and sustain, reiterated intervals, persistent and characterized rhythmical patterns in a continous game of interrelations and juxtapositions.


Neon Study #1 (2020)
~ripple lights~
Christina Viola Oorebeek

Iridescent filaments appear and fade with the speed of light in genius Nikola Tesla’s invention, the ‘Tesla Coil’.  In the 1970’s, William Parker developed a modern version – plasma balls.  These live visualisations of electric/solar phenomena form intense inspirations for Oorebeek’s sound painting of their workings in extreme slow motion.

The textural polyphony in the stasis ‘no-voltage state’ is activated by the click-on device, triggering transitions to increasingly colored soundforms and erratic rhythms by voltage variations, sounded by the trumpet.  Reacting to its’ wobbly wave patterns, the ensemble writhes as its Neonic beginnings morph into plasmatic tendrils.  When reaching the borders of their space, touchpoints release the whole soundfield into a new reality.


INTERCITY SESSSIONS  is made possible with the support of Gemeente Den Haag, Gemeente Rotterdam and Fondspodiumkunsten.