Together#6, with CoMA Eindhoven – Centrum voor de Kunsten
November 5, 2022
8:00 pm
Centrum voor de Kunsten
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You are invited to take part in Together#6, a collective composition for ensemble, participants and audience, initiated by Alison Isadora and Modelo62, in collaboration with CoMA Maastricht.What does it mean to create music together, collectively?  

Together#6 is part of a process, a way of rethinking and reimagining what it means to make music. What kind of music do we make if we embrace the possibility that the roles of the composer, the performer, the audience, and also the score and the venue are creatively intertwined? 

The members of CoMA Maastricht will be creating, rehearsing and performing together with the musicians of Modelo62 in a one-day journey.You are invited as audience to attend the concert and listen to the result of the creative process.

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