Through the Looking Glass – June 9
June 9, 2019
2:00 pm
The Hague
Galerie Helder ,   Haagse Kunstkring ,   Parts Project ,   The Grey space ,   Trixie

In this project, we present Petra Strahovnik’s first set of new works: Five solo pieces through which we engage with durational art. In each piece, individual musicians deal with different mental conditions: Trumpet – Autism, Guitar – Depression, Clarinets –Bipolar disorder, Percussion – ADHD, Cello – anxiety disorder. Each piece lasts approximately three hours, and the idea is to have them performed simultaneously in five galleries across The Hague, repeating these performances each day over a period of four days.

Map Galerie Helder
Map Haagse Kunstkring
Map Parts Project
Map Grey Space
Map Trixie

LOST in TIME – Anxiety DisOrder
For Jan Willem Troost and Cello with sound installation

DROWNED in TIME – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisOrder
For Klára van de Ketterij and Percussion with electronics

AMAZED by TIME, FROZEN in TIME – Autism Spectrum DisOrder
For Justin Christensen and Trumpet with video projection

For Enric Sans i Morera and Clarinet & For Jorge López García and Clarinet