Through the Looking Glass – June 7
June 7, 2019
7:30 pm
The Hague
The Grey space ,   Trixie ,   Galerie Helder ,   Parts Project ,   Haagse Kunstkring

For four days in a row, in five different galleries in The Hague, Ensemble Modelo62 will simultaneously present five pieces for solo/duo performers that combine music and performance art to raise questions on an ever-present matter in our society: mental health.

How do we deal with mental health nowadays, specifically, with the so-called mental conditions? Are we prepared to welcome them and fully support people affected by one, as well as their families and friends? How do we deal with the emotions involved in a mental condition, and how can we better make contact with these emotions in order to connect better with each other and create a society that does not exclude what is not ‘in order’?

With five different pieces, Petra Strahovnik goes to the core of the matter and brings out the struggle that lies in individuals afflicted with a mental condition in five different installations: ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and Depression. With the use of music, sound, performance art, video, and electronics, she places the audience face to face with the inner world of a human being whose condition has put him in a ‘different’ lane than the rest of the world. And the question is raised:

Can we go beyond rejection and find compassion in order to expand our concept as a society of what is ‘in order’?

LOST in TIME – Anxiety DisOrder
For Jan Willem Troost and Cello with sound installation
Map Grey Space

DROWNED in TIME – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisOrder
For Klára van de Ketterij and Percussion with electronics
Map Trixie

AMAZED by TIME, FROZEN in TIME – Autism Spectrum DisOrder
For Justin Christensen and Trumpet with video projection
Map Galerie Helder

For Enric Sans i Morera and Clarinet & For Jorge López García and Clarinet
Map Parts Project

For Santiago Lascurain and electric guitar
Map Haagse Kunstkring