The Hidden Agreements of Sedje Hémon comes to Korzo Theater
May 3, 2018
The Hague
Korzo Theater
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For Korzo, we have a new program conceived by Andrius Arutiunian, Marianna Maruyama, and Ensemble Modelo62, that presents the rediscovered work of Dutch composer and artist Sedje Hémon (1923-2011). Hémon, who survived the Shoah, and subsequently worked most of her life in The Hague, developed a unique approach of translating the visual into the sonic. Called a “method of integration”, this approach resulted in fervent explorations of sound and image in Hémon’s striking compositions.

After many years of quietly waiting, Hémon’s work comes back to the public with new energy. The Hidden Agreements program is built around three new arrangements of Sedje Hémon’s work, which haven’t been heard in public for almost four decades. In addition, new compositions made by artist Marianna Maruyama and composer Andrius Arutiunian depart from Hémon’s multidisciplinary approach to sound and image. Translation in movement, repetitive bodies, virtual reality and digital decay – all form the core themes of the new works and relate directly to Hémon’s writings and practice.