Stubborn Resurgences – November Music
November 13, 2021
4:00 pm
November Music | Huis73 (voorheen Babel)
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Numerous plans had to be dropped in the past year and a half: grand and modest plans, personal and professional. What remained was reflection and a return to basics. Modelo62 presents new work by two Dutch and two Canadian composers who were originally scheduled to enter into a musical dialogue in 2020, but who have now returned to their main strength: writing new and original music.

Composers Aart Strootman, Allison Cameron, Roxanne Nesbitt and Wilbert Bulsink created, at a distance and yet together, a brand new program in which their individual works flow together and refer to each other. From precisely notated music to graphic scores, from traditional instruments to self-built ones, from fragmented pieces to music in which everything is finished: totally disparate, far from each other and yet a whole.

In collaboration with Gaudeamus Music Week