Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Modelo62 – Stubborn resurgences
September 12, 2021
4:00 pm
Tivoli Vredenburg | Pandora Hall
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Full of energy and enthusiasm, the international ensemble Modelo62, based in the Netherlands, breaks a lance for contemporary music. Composers are challenged to develop new sound ideas or concert concepts. With the international exchange project CA<>NL they go a few steps further. An ambitious exchange between the sound worlds of Canada and the Netherlands was originally conceived in the context of 75 years of the liberation of Utrecht by Canadian soldiers in 1945. For this purpose Modelo62 joins forces with the Canadian ensemble Vancouver New Music. Four composers left new work especially for this project: Alison Cameron and Roxanne Nesbitt from Canada and Aart Strootman and Wilbert Bulsink from the Netherlands.

Do not expect an ordinary concert experience with civilized applause in between. During this unique performance, the four new works form one long continuous chain piece in which the independent compositions merge and form cross-links. Composers were even encouraged to exchange musical material with each other. Wilbert Bulsink, for example, wrote a dismountable composition that could step outside its own framework and offer space for moments of ‘waste’. Aart Strootman, for his part, is inspired by the monument The Man With Two Heads by sculptor Henk Visch. An impressive sculpture that can be seen both in the Netherlands (Apeldoorn) and in Canada (Ottowa) and that depicts the horrors of war and the call for freedom.