Intercity Sessions – Amsterdam
March 24, 2022
8:30 pm


Modelo62 brings unusual sound world to Splendor
Tesla’s plasma lamp, extremes in light and sound, telephone frequencies and everyday boxes are the inspiration for the music written for Ensemble Modelo62. The group dives into the laboratory with 4 composers: Maurizio Tedde (IT) and Sól Ey Sigurjónsdóttir (ISL) graduated during the pandemic. Christina Viola Oorebeek (NL/USA) and Cecilia Arditto (ARG), on the other hand, already have substantial careers as creators. With the Intercity Sessions the ensemble brings their latest music to Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.
A plasma ball – one of those neon lamps in which you can see the electric charge jump – was the starting point for ‘Neon Study #1 ~ripple lights~’ by Christina Viola Oorebeek. Her translation into sound of this ‘lightning in a lamp’ zooms in on the moving filaments in slow motion.
Maurizio is fascinated by accidental interferences of radio and telephone frequencies, sometimes allowing you to catch snippets of other conversations, music or noise. In his piece ‘Venus Station’ these interferences come to life as fragile and brittle sounds.
The acoustics of everyday objects and materials have intrigued Cecilia Arditto for years. In ‘Boxes’ she distorts the sound of instruments and amplifiers with the acoustics of cardboard boxes, styrofoam boxes and metal boxes.
‘Light Again’ is a piece for ensemble, lamps and microphones by multi-sensory artist Sól Ey. She searches for extremes in light and dark, sound and silence, movement and stasis.


Ezequiel Menalled – musical direction
Gemma Tripiana Muñoz – flutes
Jorge López García – clarinets
Chloë Abbott – trumpet
Santiago Lascurain – guitar
Reinier van Houdt – piano
Klara van de Ketterij – percussion
Roberto Rutkauskas – violin
Jan Willem Troost – cello
Vasilis Stefanopoulos – double bass


The project “Intercity Sessions” was kindly supported by Gemeente Den Haag, Fonds Podiumkunsten and Gaudeamus.