Intercity Sessions Program III Rotterdam – Coupé70
November 25, 2017
3:00 pm
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This program includes music by well-known composers that are seldom played in the Netherlands, including a piece by Anthony Vine, winner of Gaudeamus Prize 2016 with two pieces performed by Ensemble Modelo62. This concert is also the platform to launch our newly-recorded album with music by Clarence Barlow for the occasion of his 70th birthday!


  • “From a forest of standing mirrors” (piano, percussion and double-bass)     – Anthony Vine
  • “(……) Memory Spaces” (for open ensemble)     – Alvin Lucier
  • “Minimusic” (for ensemble)     – Raymond Murray Schafer
  • “Critical band” (for ensemble)     – James Tenney
  • “Splatter Study (on social network)” (for ensemble incl. audience)     – Braxton Sherouse