Intercity Sessions 2020 Rotterdam
March 21, 2020
8:00 pm
Gallery Untitled
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Immerse yourself in the unusual sound-world of Modelo62: The eclectic mix of musical tastes and colors take you on a trip into your imagination. During this concert you can also play along: one of the pieces is written for ensemble and audience! So bring your instrument or just come and listen to these specialists in experimental music.

Tesla’s plasma globe, navigation and quiet, contemplative sounds are the inspiration for the music of this program. Works by van Bergeijk, Beuger, Borzelli and Oorebeek.

21st, 20:00 Gallery Untitled, Rotterdam. Koningsveldestraat 14. Tickets

More information about the program here

PLAY WITH US and get two discount tickets!

Do you play an instrument and can read notes? We are looking for audience members that want to join us in one of the pieces in the concert: ‘Lieux de Passage’, a beautiful work by Antoine Beuger for clarinet and ensemble. Our role, with yourself included, will be to play the accompanying part. The score is super easy to follow, join us! Send an email to to sign up and to get the score, and get a discount ticket for yourself and one extra guest!


INTERCITY SESSSIONS is made possible with the support of Gemeente Den Haag, Gemeente Rotterdam and Fondspodiumkunsten.