disorders II. A FRACTURED MIND? at Korzo
September 13, 2019
8:30 pm
The Hague
Korzo Theater
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“A Fractured Mind?”, a triptych conceived by Slovenian composer Petra Strahovnik and performed by Ensemble Modelo62, explores the way we face mental health in our society. Combining music, video, performance art, and electronics, each one of the three pieces reveals the underlying thoughts and emotions of a person that is confronted with the task of ‘fitting in’ while dealing with a condition, namely: borderline personality disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, or schizophrenia.

Are we aware of how our society drains the spirit of people with a mental condition by constantly demanding them to fulfill its expectations? Have we tried to imagine ourselves as a person that feels they cannot be part of a social environment because the way they see and experience things is not seen to be ‘in order’?

Ensemble Modelo62 has earned their widespread fame with their high-level, versatile, and innovative approach to contemporary experimental music. With this intensely personal work, Strahovnik tries to break a taboo and create more compassion in our society.

This tryptich is part of DisOrders, a collaboration between Ensemble Modelo62 and Petra. It will culminate in 2020 with the production of the opera ‘Balerina, Balerina’ based on a novel about an autistic girl.

The individual works are:

Obsessive-Compulsive disOrder
For Violin and ensemble

Borderline personality disOrder
For Flute and ensemble

For Double bass, piano and ensemble

Performance dates:

8 september

13 september