2. Reis62 at Rotterdam’s Gallery Untitled
October 27, 2018
8:00 pm
Gallery Untitled
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We have included selections from Cardew’s The Great Learning in this first concert of this year’s Intercity Sessions. In this work, Cardew attempted to upend the traditional concert experience, looking for change both how music is organized and how performers and audience relate to one another. In our performance, we invite the audience to participate in this change.

Alongside this, we present a work by Alison Isadora, as a sneak-peek into our future collaborations, as we are presenting a newly commissioned work by her next year. Additionally, one of the goals of Ensemble Modelo62 is to form close collaborations with composers, placing an emphasis on combining the commissioning of young upcoming composers with those from more established generations. As such, we introduce the work of Taranto, whose music is not yet well known in Europe, alongside Sciarrino, who is one of the more prominent composers active in Europe today.


Salvatore Sciarrino – Esplorazione del bianco
Diego Taranto – New Work (world premiere)
Alison Isadora – Part 6
Cornelius Cardew (with audience participation, for voices) – selections from The great learning