It is possible to donate to Stichting Ensemble Modelo62 and support our activities in exchange for a 125% tax break from the Dutch tax office. Please contact us if you are interested!

If you want to sponsor us with your company, please do contact us as well for more information.



Who is EM62 and what is our mission?

De Volkskrant recently called Ensemble Modelo62 a ‘phenomenal ensemble’. The group is praised for its detailed and energetic performances of the latest experimental music. Our mission is to contribute to the development of new music and to broaden our audience’s view on the world. We give assignments to young talent and makers of an established generation who create innovative work. By focusing on the frontline of the experiment, we contribute to a culturally diverse climate. We seek the connection between art and society.



What does it mean to donate to EM62?

When you donate to EM62 you take part in the realisation of our projects: rental of rehearsal space, payment of musicians and managing team, marketing and outreach to new audiences, educational projects, etc… Public funds will more likely support institutions that rely both on public and private money, so, by supporting us, you are actually helping us have a better chance of receiving subsidies. These subsidies we receive, added to your support, translate into a healthier financial situation for the group, a better realisation of our artistic ideas, and more and more exciting concerts and educational projects for our audiences.



What do you get in return?

When you donate to EM62 you can deduct the donation in your tax-return. Because EM62 is a cultural institution with ANBI status, you can deduct 125% of the donation amount. There are different ways of donating, with different outcomes for your tax return. You can find more information here, and some examples of how it works here, and here. In any case, we strongly advise you to contact your tax advisor for further details.

A short explanation of the basic principle:

  1. One-time donation.
    Your donation is deductible in your tax-return for 125%. The minimum amount of all donations in that particular year needs to exceed the € 60,-. The amount you donate is measured against a threshold. The threshold is 1% of your threshold income. What you donate above this threshold amount, can be deducted.
    For example:
    Your threshold income is € 35,000. The minimum threshold for deducting donations is €350 (1% of €35,000) and the maximum is €3,500 (10% of €35,000). All amounts between € 350 and € 3,500 can be deducted from your tax return.
  1. Periodic donation.
    You donate once per year for a minimum of five years.
    The donation-contract has to be registered via a notary. You may deduct the entire amount of the donation. There is no threshold and no maximum amount for periodic donations.


Non-Dutch donations?

If you pay taxes in another country than The Netherlands, the tax-regulations of that country are applicable. Please refer to your tax-advisor.


Stichting Ensemble Modelo62 is designated by the Belastingdienst as an ANBI (‘public benefit purpose institution’) since september 2019. RSIN nummer: 819544280