Three degrees from reality

The interdisciplinary creation by Luz Lassizuk, Ezequiel Menalled and Yolanda Uriz is an invitation to a different way of perceiving music.

The audience is given a central role in this work, which unfolds according to their decision making in relation to given directions. Participants are invited to experience reality in three distinct spaces:

Degree 1

The first space (Degree 1) happens on stage, and emulates the reality where people have unmediated relations with the world around them. The stage is a multidisciplinary installation which works as a board with different stations. Sight, smell, hearing and touch are the senses with which participants perceive the environment.

Degree 2

The second space (Degree 2) takes place in another room, a traditional seating space assigned to the audience. From there, fragments of what is going on in the first space (degree 1), are broadcasted onto a screen, representing the reality that can be experienced through the filter of technology and receiving the artwork as conventional spectators.

Degree 3

The third space (Degree 3) is where physical space is disintegrated and becomes digital. This represents the reality that can only be accessible virtually, where the materials are processed the most. All the images and sounds coming from the first and second spaces will be transformed digitally and streamed online, so everybody will have access to it in real time.

“Unlike many theatrical experiences which come and go, this one stays with you and keeps on revealing more of itself the longer you linger over it. Disturbing and demanding, yes, but rewarding and full of profound insights”

Audience member

Premiered during the Gaudeamus Muziekweek at Theatre Kikker, Utrecht. 2022. The project “Three Degrees from Reality” was kindly supported by Gemeente Den Haag, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Fentener van Vlissingen Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Zabawas and Dioraphte.

“Should this be the future of the classical concert as we know it?”

Thomas Batelaan for NRC, 2022